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Don’t try this at home!

February 9, 2013adminNews / Blog0

52 screws in an iPhone 4

Recently we have seen a number of iPhones, iPads and Galaxy smartphones come into our shop that our customers or their friends have tried to repair.   Many people see this approach as a way to save money on their phone or tablet repair.   The truth is, it usually ends up costing more.

Take the iPhone screen replacement for example — Replacing the iPhone’s screen requires almost complete disassembly of the phone.  Their are a total of 52 very tiny screws (some are smaller then those used in Swiss watches) in an iPhone 4, with several different sizes that look identical to the untrained eye.  Missing even one screw or other small part can cause your phone to work incorrectly. The internal cables inside the iPhone are extremely fragile, and very easy to rip.   

Their are a number of  videos online that show your the basics of replacing your own iPhone screen, but without the proper tools, training and parts, it is extremely difficult to do these type of repairs correctly.  

Many replacement screens that you can purchase online are not genuine Apple screens, but cheaply made “clone” screens.  These clone screens break easier, do not look as sharp as the original screen and have a very high failure rate.

To provide you with the best possible repair, we have invested thousands of dollars in the proper tools and equipment to repair almost any phone  or tablet.  iRepair Savannah only uses genuine parts from Apple, Samsung, HTC and other major manufacturers.  All of our technicians are highly trained, and our senior technician has over 15 years experience repairing electronics.   We back all of our repairs with a parts and labor warranty.

We love to see people learn technology, however for most people, starting the learning process on an expensive cell phone or tablet can be a costly learning experience.

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