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Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note / Note 2 Glass Replacement

December 30, 2012adminNews / Blog0

Many people say it simply can’t be done, that the only way to fix the broken glass on your new Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note smartphone is a costly display assembly repair.  iRepair Savannah is one of few shops that has the tools and talent to carry out the much less expensive glass only replacementGlass only replacement starts are $109 (depending on color) and can be done same day in most cases.  We carry every color glass in stock, including the harder to find AT&T special edition red and pink.

As far as I know, we are the only company to offer glass only replacements on any Samsung model in Savannah, and one of the few nationwide.  Drop by our shop, call us or email us for more info.  We work on phones locally for our Savannah, GA customers and also offer a nationwide mail in service.

Before we started to offer this service, we tested several repair methods on broken display assemblies. After some research, and trial and error (and alot of glass in our fingers!), we found what we feel is the best way to replace the glass.

Our repair method is fast, safe for your phone and provides a repair that looks like it came right out of the Samsung factory.  We use the same glass that would be delivered to the Samsung factory, providing a perfect color and size match.

We are the first to admit that some phone repairs can be carried out on your own, this is not one of them!  Many broken displays were further injured in the development of our repair method, and we strong advise against trying this one at home.

It is interesting to note, that unlike many phones such as the iPhone, the digitizer is not part of the glass.  The digitizer on the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note / Note 2 is built into the Super Amoled screen itself.  The glass is quite simply that, glass.  The glass is Corning Gorilla Glass II, however it much more likely to crack when dropped compared to the Apple iPhone 4S. 

Check out some pictures below of a repair in process, and the finished repair (forgive the pictures, we are techies, not photo experts).

Samsung Galaxy S3 with broken glass removed.





Galaxy S3 with the glass removed, notice the broken glass on the right.


Galaxy S3 without the glass




Samsung Galaxy S3 with new glass installed, and old broken glass on the right.

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